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Mayor School Uniforms

Many of the schools we work with come to us for advice on shirts and blouses.So at Mayor we ensure parents get the best value for money while buying school uniform.

Mayor School Uniforms is a leading independent supplier of school uniform, sports uniform, school shoes, books, stationary and accessories.

The company has been providing services for more than 35 years and currently provides school uniforms for majority of the schools in tricity and areas around.

We started with a small scale business in 1985. Its foundation was led by our dear mother- Mrs Sood. It was her baby company which grew with her vision and with the help of her family. She was a school teacher and firmly believed that the school children should wear good quality uniforms for gaining self confidence and presenting themselves as the future of the country. Her vision and hardwork was much appreciated by the customers. We always focused on best quality cloth material and stitching. Three decades back, we had tie up with Binny and Mafatlal- the top quality cloth suppliers. Few customers considered our prices were high but gradually agreed that  price is worth the quality offered. Till date, cloth and stitching quality are our USP. We only use branded cloth material like – Mafatlal, Siyaram, Raymond, SKumar etc for preparing fine quality uniforms with branded accessories like YK Zip and moon threads.

We also offer full variety of school accessories like- school bags, books, stationary, tiffins, water bottles and school shoes. We have specially develop customized school shoes from Liberty for the perfect comfort of the student.

We are the only School Uniform Mall in the tricity with very spacious shopping area for the comfort of customers.This unique concept is appreciated by the customers a lot.

Along with school uniforms and accessories, we also have complete range of ladies lingerie, gents and kids undergarments and sleepwear. We have international and national brands available.

We understand how important it is to make uniform buying a quick and easy process, so we are first to supply school uniform directly online. We are firmly aligned to the needs of today’s parents.


Products and service

Our vast experience enable us to ensure that you will be able to find a near perfect colour match your shirts and blouses if you are needing to match them with your existing school identity or want to blend them with the rest of your school uniform items.

Product Features



Whether the children are in the classroom or running around in the playground our garments are robust enough to last the entire school.


Any weather

We offer a wide range of lightweight school coats, including waterproof and reversible shower proof jackets.



You can feature school logo on garments for a flawless finish, strengthen your school’s identity and give your pupils a sense of unity.



When it comes to the school uniform , it is important to get the right style with comfort and the durability of the fabric.